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Mailing instructions: Please send your memory card in a padded or stiff cardboard envelope. Don't use a regular business or letter envelope as the cards can fall out! Questions? E-mail

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From the Internet
One thing I found out the hard way is these little SD cards are pretty fragile. I used to take it out of the camera and back to computers to download and share. The last time I took it out it stopped letting me access the photos. I tried all kinds of free software and even paid for one of the "better ones". In my case that was a waste of money. One recovery software let me actually see that there was data but it was not accessible. So I knew it was time for a real service to figure it out. The first one I tried was Disktopia Data Recovery. I sent them the card and they said they could get the pictures off. It was a fee of $169.00. This was stated in an email that the pictures were recoverable and I had to send the $169.00 in advance. Ok the fine print said that it was not guaranteed, but the tech assured me the data was there. "After Swapping the main controller chip multiple times we were not able to get it to work properly. We want you to know we have exhausted our efforts on the recovery, we have tried everything possible to recover the drive to no avail." Kiss more money goodbye. But they sent me the card back. So my final attempt was a guy in Germany. The company was Recoverfab. They agreed to look at it for free and if pictures were available they would send small jpgs so I could see which ones were recoverable. The result was that about half are available. It will cost me about $2.00 per picture for the recovery. Many are not worth it. But for the few that are, the recovery is priceless. Thanks Recoverfab. The bottom line is to make sure you protect your card and download often. But if your card is damaged and you have important pictures you want to recover there are real options beyond just throwing the card away.
Same thing just happened to me on our family vacation. I got a free 16 GB card with my camera...unbeknownst to me it was a cheap card that apparently corrupts all the time. The card showed I had 500 pics left to take, I take it out and it shows error. I thought since we were in Colorado it was just too cold. I take it back to the lodge and I get nothing. I take my SD card out and try to put the pics on the computer, but the THREE computers I tried didn't even recognize the card. I couldn't use recovery software bc even with the camera hooked up to the computer the harddrive would not recognize a thing. I had family from NZ and ST Louis and KC and OKC and we had no idea when we would all be together again...I couldn't bear the thought of losing all my pictures (about 2,500). I did some research online, and I found a place called Recoverfab. He's a german guy that specializes in this sort of thing. As long as the card itself isn't damaged, he can pull off the code and decrypt it and put it back in to pictures. His turn around time was faster than he said, and he recovered ALL of my pics. Couldn't be more pleased or happy. I highly recommend him. And if you search, he is highly recommended by many others.
This is my story: I had recently taken my first trip to Hawaii and wanted to show the over 100 pictures all at once to my family. I put my camera memory card into a Digital Photo Frame but the card got stuck and when I pulled it out to load it back in my camera, it had locked up. Even trying to adjust the lock on the side of the card didn't work. I was VERY upset as I hadn't loaded those pictures anywhere else. And I had even MORE pictures on that card from other events. I took the card to a photography store but they couldn't do anything. I gave it to a tech friend of mine and he couldn't get into them either. I thought my pictures were gone forever. I was heartbroken. After talking to another tech friend of mine, he recommended I try Recoverfab. I was so ecstatic that they were able to get my pictures off my memory card!!!! I can't tell you how please I am with their process and quick response. I would highly recommend using Recoverfab if you have any problems retrieving your pictures on a corrupted camera memory card.
I recently had a major problem with an 8GB SDHC card Suddenly, and without any warning it would not be recognised by either the camera or my PC. This meant that I could not even attempt to use recovery software. Browsing the web I came across a company called Recoverfab. They claimed to be able to recover images and videos that couldn't be accessed in just these circumstances. As the content of the card meant a lot to me (among other things being photographs and videos of my nieces's wedding in Tanzania) I thought I would try them even though their service is relatively expensive. Within a couple of days of them receiving the card they replied to me saying that they had been able to recover 118 photographs and 42 videos and that I could view these on their web site before deciding whether to pay for the service. Being able to see the recovered data convinced me that it was worth the money they were asking. I have no connection with this company except as a satisfied customer and would recommend them without reservation.
Don't despair there is still hope. I had the same problem last year when my sd card accidently got dented. The sd card contain all our photos taken during our family holiday in Korea so it was really precious. We tried to use recovery softwares but since the card itself cannot be read. Our only hope was to have an expert to recover it for us. We found a data recovery company here in Singapore but they charge an arm and a leg. The cost they charge for recovering can easily afford us to go on a short holiday again. We also tried several shops who claim they can recover buy we only got ripped off by paying processing fees and in the end they cannot actually recover. Until I chanced upon RECOVERFAB in the internet. I read a lot of good reviews and the way they recover, even hardly damaged cards they were able to. Check out their website as it shows a pretty good description of how the recovery process goes. Only downside is they are in Germany. I initially thought it might be difficult but i won't lose anything if i try. And it was indeed worth the try. I sent my sd card and they received it in 4 days. And then just after 2 days I got a link showing me sample pictures of what they recovered. RECOVERFAB is simply amazing. Give them try. And they don't charge unless you are satisfied and would like to get copy of your files.

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