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 free diagnosis and advice, please call: 0049 35126557878 or mail

In simple cases free data rescue software can help: Zero Assumption Recovery or
formatting software: SD Formatter (works also for USB flash drives).
Recoverfab Recovery Process: If the flash storage device is not recognized in the computer or it is impossible to access the data on it, there is only one way to get the data: unsolder the memory chip from the printed circuit board and directly access the raw data with a programmable chip reader. Below, you can see an illustration of our recovery process.

Recoverfab is an enterprise for the data rescue of flash memory cards (Secure Digital SD [mini SD, micro SD, SDHC, SDHC Plus], Compact Flash CF, Multimedia Card MMC, Memory Stick [MS, MS Pro, MS Pro DUO], Picture Card xD)/USB flash drives, operating world-wide. The rescue laboratory is located in Germany, Dresden. If you have any questions, please call or use our contact form.
    What distinguishes our offer from those of the competition?
  • Recoverfab specializes in the data rescue of memory cards/USB-flash drives (not as a sideline or second business of non removable disk data rescue).
  • We tell you in advance the price for the service (pricing).
  • We support cost-containment (see order form).
  • Recoverfab operates a no-data, no-fee policy.
  • We provides FREE media analysis for cards/USB drives for which we are unable to recover data, with photo documentation of physically broken memory chips.
  • Payment is required only after you have inspected and are satisfied with the recovered image samples/file list. If non of the recovered files are wanted or needed, then no charges will be made and the contract is void and no costs are incurred.
  • You can keep track of the processing status (incoming, completion, shipment, etc.) on our protected customer service area.
    When can files/pictures be recovered?
  • inadvertent deletion
  • card requests to be formatted (memory card controller damaged!)
  • inadvertent formatting (only if the camera does not overwrite the addresses of the sectors e.g. LEICA and CAMERA. Not recoverable are: Canon Ixus/Powershot, Casio Exilim, Olympus Camedia/u830)
  • abort through empty accumulator (memory card controller damaged!)
  • storage medium is no longer recognized (memory card controller damaged!)
  • error messages like: memory card error - unreadable card
  • pictures were transferred to PC, but were damaged
  • damage by external influences (liquids, heat, dirt)
  • physical damage, without memory chip destruction (see pictures below)

Data rescue from physically damaged memory cards
The big black rectangle is the memory chip. Since there are no cracks on it,
data rescue is possible.

Memory cards with damaged memory chips
The cracks in the housing have also damaged the memory chips. Unfortunately, nobody will be able to repair the chips or rescue the data.

In general, there are two reasons why the data on memory flash devices (cards, USB-sticks, SSD) becomes inaccessible.
Logical damage prevents access to the data/pictures on the drive, but the drive is still physically recognized by the computer operating system. In this case some specialized types of recovery software can help.
Physical damage causes the drive to be unrecognized by the computer's operating system, making it impossible to access the contents of the flash-memory chip. This type of damage happens in more than 80% of all known cases. These are most frequently caused by electrical problems that lead to physical damage. Flash devices consist of a memory chip and a controller. The controller writes and reads the data from the memory chip. In most cases, recovery is possible from a flash device with a damaged controller and mostly undamaged memory chips.

Formatting is required? The controller of the memory card is not in the position to inform the PC operating system about the characteristics of the memory card. Therefore, the PC assumes that the memory card is not formatted and requests formatting. One might think that the memory card problems would be solved by formatting, but unfortunately it does not work due to the damaged controller. Instead, the computer will communicate that formatting is not possible. Such an error is a clear indicator that no kind of software (including special formatting or rescue software!!) will be able to access the memory card.

From the Internet
In my experience, there are two kinds of data loss from SD card. The first is a simple case of the files being logically deleted or formatted, and this can be easily fixed. In this case, the actual files are still present on the memory card, but cannot be properly read by the camera or default software. There are many free or inexpensive pieces of software which will allow your computer to access the files, such as zero assumption recovery ( and wondershare photo recovery ( The second is a technical fault with the SD card, meaning it cannot be read at all. You'll know if you have this problem, because even when trying to use one of the pieces of software mentioned above, it will not even recognise the memory card. For example, it may say 'unknown device' or something similar. In this case, there is probably a fault with the controller, which means that no software will be able to read it. There is, however, a solution. There is a company called Recoverfab who are based in Germany. What they do is to actually open up the SD card and solder the memory chips onto another form of reader in order to read the data. This gets around the problem of the faulty controller. They then save the files from the memory chips and send it to you via FTP or via a DVD. Understandably, it's more expensive than just a software based recovery, but they got back many photos that are very precious to me when I thought the situation was lost, and I don't know of any other companies who offer the same service.
The other day my wife switched on our digicam and was told it couldn’t access the sd card inside. I tried inserting the card into my MacBook – wasn’t recognized. Then I tried with the old XP PC and a card reader – same result. With a card in such condition software recovery solutions such as Zero Assumption Recovery just won’t work. After searching the Internet I came across Recoverfab. Sent the card there by mail, got receipt confirmation three days later and recovery confirmation another three days later. A fine service… The guy behind it has a high credibility because he’s worked in the semiconductor industry for more than 35 years. As it’s usually just the controller on the card that’s broken and not the actual memory chips they disassemble the card and extract the chips. Then the data is read from the chips with a special device in raw format and compiled into something readable. There’s a video on their website – quite interesting for the technically inclined. A word about the pricing. In contrast to digital recovery (using software tools) physical recovery is a) only provided by a handful of companies and b) usually terribly expensive. Those companies in general target enterprise customers for whom money isn’t an issue because their data is so valuable. With recovering sd cards one obviously targets John Doe customers, folks like you and me. The service provided by Recoverfab still isn’t cheap but affordable for most people. You pay per GB capacity no matter how much of your card’s capacity you actually used.
We just got a Nikon D3200 right before our honeymoon to hawaii, it was our first time ever using one. We took over 900 pictures during our trip and on the 8th day there decided to give the video option a try. Once we switched the camera from camera to video, we got an error message saying our memory card was damaged our malfunctioning. You can only imagine how upset we were. We could not use the camera anymore for the rest of the trip and thought we lost everything we had taken. We live in NYC and went to a few different stores the SanDisk recommended who do picture recovery, but no where was able to make the disc work when we got home from our trip. We decided that we wouldn't give up and did some searching on the internet about companies that do this type of recovery. Thank God we found Recoverfab!!! They are absolutely amazing and extremely responsive. We sent our card to them and within 3 days got an email from them saying the recovered all of pictures. They are a German based company so we were somewhat nervous sending something so irreplaceable to us overseas but we are so glad we did. I would recommend them to my friends, family and even my worst enemy because i have never been so happy for what they did for me. If you ever experience what we went through, turn to Recoverfab, they are our saviors!!!
I had a damaged SD card, was working on minute, next time I turned on the camera, card no longer recognized and prompt to format. It had a good number of photos and videos on it. I tried it in a mac, a PC, multiple cameras. Cameras wanted to format it as it couldn't read it and computers simply did not recognize it at all (so all those posts about software to recover files, no luck as those all need the computer to at least recognize something is in the drive. I tried a local place in NYC that gets great reviews for recovering electronic data - no luck. I then got in touch with Transcend, the vendor, and I shipped it to the US base in California where they had no luck. Then they shipped it Taiwan (yes this SD card has been all over the world!) for the real makers to work their magic. NO LUCK. I asked them to ship the damaged one back instead of replacing it with a new one which they said they would do as I knew I had one last option left that I was a bit skeptical about. I then shipped it to Dresden, Germany to a place called RecoverFab: 1-2 days after they received the damaged SD card, they have uploaded 100 thumbnails to show proof they've recovered photos, and they have emailed me they recovered 370+ photos and 90 videos. Once I pay (not a small amount) they will give me an FTP site to download from so I don't need to wait for more shipping overseas of a DVD or something to get my data. SUCCESS! The makers of my SD card could not recover data off of it, RecoverFab did.
My brother and my sister-inlaw were taking pictures on their honeymoon. While on the honeymoon their camera started giving “this card cannot be used” message. When she tried to plug the card into the computer it give “the disk must be formatted” message. Since I’m a nerd I told them to let me look at the card, and I ran recovery software on it. The computer showed that it recognized the card but that it was empty and needed to be formatted. I looked on the internet and found a company called Recoverfab. The reviews were good so I decided to take a chance, figuring that if they couldn’t recover the pictures that I wasn’t any worse off, since they don’t charge if nothing is recovered. I am so glad, they emailed me when they received the card, and again when they recovered them. They sent a sample of 100 pictures of the 938 pictures that they recovered. I know my brother and his wife will be so thankful to have their memories.
There are several programs you can download, some free and some not, to recover your pictures from your memory card. I can't recommend any in particular, because none of them worked on my card. Depending on the problem with the card, they may or may not work. When all else fails, there is a company called Recoverfab that you can send your card to. Instead of using software, they take apart your card and read your data straight from the embedded memory chip. I had serious doubts when I first heard about them, but they really are amazing. My SD card was completely fried and wasn't even recognized by Windows anymore, and they were still able to recover all my missing pictures. Good luck!
Hi, I think I might be able to help you!! My husband and I went to disney and then barbados for our honeymoon, and on the last day in barbado we tried to show our friends in a bar the photos we'd taken when swimmimg with turtles. the camers flashed up MEMORY CARD ERROR! we both started to panic, we had over 500 pics on the one memory card. when we got back to england to tried everything to recover the data. we even gave the card to our wedding photographer so he could try and lift the data with his software, but this didn't work, but he did recommend a recovery company that he has used before called recoverfab. they are based in germany, but even with postage included they are A LOT cheaper than all the companys we found in england, and its no-win, no-fee!! Hope you get your pics back, Katie x
My niece chewed on my SD card splitting the plastic casing and dribbling all over it, after drying it out and taping it back together i tried it in my laptop to find out it was broken, my laptop or camera could not detect the SD card. I thought my pictures where lost beyond retrieval as my SD card was unreadable or even recognized by any device(laptop/camera) but I didn't give up,I checked YouTube and goggled how to recover data from my broken SD card when i came across Recoverfab on this tread. I simply clicked on their site read down through it and watched there YOUTUBE clips and felt confidant they could retrieve my data. I sent off my broken Sd card to Recoverfab in Germany from Ireland and three days later Recoverfab contacted me by email confirming all my pictures and videos had been recovered,I was so relieved. I recommend Recoverfab for anyone who has memory card issues
I had a similar problem recently on a vacation to Costa Rica. On the last day of the trip and probably the last photo, my Canon PowerShot indicated a Memory Card Failure. This camera uses a CompactFlash Card. After I got the error message, my camera shut off and would not start with this card in the camera (the camera did work with a different card). Once I arrived home, I tried to read the card in my computer card reader but the computer would not recognize the card. From my research it appears that these cards and probably SD cards have a small controller circuit chip that can fail. Luckily I found a company in Dresden Germany, Recoverfab, that disassembles virtually all types of memory cards and extracts the NAND memory chips to read externally and reassemble the raw data into JPEG and Video files. After much research, I sent my card to Recoverfab and in two days they were able to recover over 500 photos and a video I took on our vacation. Without this service, I would have lost everything! This is a great service; they post the photos on the web so you can review before you pay for anything. The cost is nominal for special memories (~$120 for up to 2Gb of data). I highly recommend you try this company if you don't have any luck with other software attempts. You can find them by Googling Recoverfab. Software solutions won't work if your computer doesn't recognize the card due to a controller failure.
I took several hundred pictures at my daughter's 3rd birthday party. The excitement and anticipation upon downloading the pictures from my memory card turned to horror when my computer told me there was an error in "downloading from the device". After many unsuccessful attempts using different recovery software, the SD card was not readable, would never mount, and was not recognized by my computer or camera. My card reader was even fried. I was devastated at the loss of an important milestone. My husband researched several forums and happened upon the many positive reviews for and told me to try them. I had nothing else to lose and since there is no charge if they are unable to retrieve anything, I contacted them. I mailed my SD card to Germany and within a week of them receiving my card, they retrieved 721 pictures. I was elated to see the image samples of my kiddo's party that I thought were permanently lost. It's not a free service but the eventual cost (based on the size of the card) was well-worth it to me. I am very pleased with the service and have already recommended Recoverfab to another friend who coincidentally has encountered the same problem with her SD card. I'm grateful to Leopold Hiersche.
After so much research about recovering data, I found this lab based in Germany called Recoverfab. I admit, I was hesitant at first sending my SD card through the mail. But, It only took a week for a Recover Fab lab tech to get back to me to assure me the card has been received. Better yet, 1000 pounds was lifted off of me when they sent me thumbnails showing me all the files are able to be recovered. Trust me, These guys get right to the point and will not leave you hanging. Above all, they are reasonablly priced and they have a great track record for recovering data no matter what hard drive device.
I’ve been in this situation before. I struggled with different recovery software’s to recover my missing files from an event I shot. After having several of my tech buddies take a look at the SD Card, I was finally referred to this lab based in Germany called Recoverfab. I could not believe how easy and fast the service was. I mailed my SD Card from Chicago and within a week one of the Recover Fab technicians got back to me with the good news that they are able to recover all the files. Save the stress and even some money and check these guys out if you want your data saved and have peace of mind.
If you are having problems recovering data I would strongly suggest sending your hard drive or SD Card to Recoverfab. After trying everything including sending to this other Recovery Lab in Chicago, Recover Fab was able to successfully retrieve all files from a wedding I shot. I was in a very bad situation but Recover Fab ( recovered all the files and I now I do not have to face my client and tell them there wedding is all gone. I Would not recommend to you or anybody unless I know they can deliver results. Recover Fab did just that.
Not sure if this is your problem, but perhaps an option if you can't retrieve your photos at all. I had a problem with a corrupt cf card a couple of weeks ago. It was not showing up in a card reader, and asked to be formatted in the camera. I tried different recovery softwares to no luck. After researching some I started to fear that the corruption came from a broken controller. I found a place in Germany who was able to fix this for me: As David said above this was a data recovery specialist, and did command a price, but it really comes down to how much the photos/videos are worth for you in the end. For me it was more than worth it.
I had a Transcend 16GB MicroSD card that just stopped working (would not mount in the phone or with a PC) and this is my story as to how I recovered my pictures and videos: I purchased my Galaxy S3 (Verizon) in July 2012. At that time I backed up my MicroSD Card that I was using in my HTC Incredible. I used my MicroSD card for almost 4 months in my S3 and it worked just fine. Then one night there was a notification (exclamation point on the top of my phone) that the SD card was not detected. After rebooting my phone a couple times, using the MicroSD adapter, and testing the SD card on a different phone, the SD card would not mount. It was as if the SD card didn't even exist. I even had a friend at work try to get it to work using his laptop and Linux (not Windows). The computer could see that an SD card was inserted in the slot, but it was not readable. I tried using software (PhotoRec) but since the MicroSD card couldn't be recognized, the software would not work. I researched the internet and came across Recoverfab. They are a professional SSD recovery firm. I called Recoverfab and spoke to the owner, Leopold Hiersche. I explained my issue and he said to fill out the order form and additional instructions would be emailed to me. I did that and instantly received an email back with further instructions as to how to send my MicroSD card to him. I went to the US Post Office, bought a padded envelope, stuck in my MicroSD card that I taped to my folded over business card for protection, included a copy of my order confirmation page, filled out the customs form (said that the package was a broken memory card and claimed it was work $1), and mailed the package to Germany for less than $5 (envelope included). I did not pay more for it to be registered mail per the suggestion in the FAQ on the Recoverfab website. I mailed the envelope on Wednesday and the next Tuesday (6 days later) I received an email from Recoverfab that they had received my MicroSD card and that they would have an update for me within 1 week. 24 hours after they received my MicroSD card I received an email that said they recovered 684 photos and 40 videos. I logged into their site and sure enough they provided thumbnails of 100 pictures that they recovered!! I was very relieved to say the least! Getting this type of recovery done for less than $300 is pretty awesome. I highly recommend Recoverfab if you can no longer access your SD card and you have important pictures/videos that you would like to recover. And if you send them your SD card and they can't recover the data, you are only out the cost of shipping (~$5 via USPS) to send it to Germany. You don't have to pay for the data recovery until data has been recovered! I learned my lesson that I should always backup my data. I am considering backup options like FolderSync, but for now I have been copying pictures to my laptop manually, and then backing up my laptop to an external HDD. I am also going to start to upload photos to either flickr or Shutterfly so I at least have a copy (lower resolution) in the cloud. I hope that this post is helpful to you!
I completed the download of all 1377 images you recovered. Thanks again for the great work. I'm very impressed with your capabilities! I had actually sent the 4 Gb SD card to two different recovery companies in the US (one in California and one in Georgia) and they were both unsuccessful. I honestly wasn't expecting that you'd be able to succeed - but you proved me wrong :) I'll add my voice to the others on your website in saying you again were successful where others were not. I'm very impressed with Recoverfab and your capabilities! Thanks for recovering the photos I thought were lost forever.

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